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The certified project manager to the stakeholders

The certified project manager to the stakeholders

The certified project manager is a key role in the constructive and productive management of any modern project. Sometimes different state regulatory authorities require a certified project manager in the team.

In other cases, the certified project manager is specified as mandatory by private organizations working together.

In the following article, you will read Catherine Jones’ address to project stakeholders.

My name is Catherine Jones and as you already know I will take the position of Certified Project Manager in your team. I received my licensing document from the certification organization BVOP. Reference:,

At my previous job, I was also a Certified Project Manager for a year and a half.

The profile of the Certified Project Manager

In short, I would describe myself as a balanced and understanding person with clear goals and understandings, and although for the short time we have worked together you cannot be sure of this, I assure you that you can seek my help with any questions or difficulties. I believe that these qualities of mine are important for any certified project manager who is responsible for serious resources and teams.

The certification program I completed is popular and has been quoted in many online media. Reference: “Top 40 Project Management certifications for 2021 and 2022” by Ashton Williams, 2020, The best project management certifications are listed in this report and the…,

The US online edition also lists the BVOP Certified Project Manager program as the preferred choice of many professionals around the world. Reference: PolicyMatters. “The Best Project Management Courses for 2021 and 2022” by Marta Cooper (2020 PolicyMatters ISSN: 1941-8280), In this report, we will describe the best project management courses for 2021 and 2022…,

I understand that it is normal at the moment to be prejudiced because we do not know each other yet, but I think that given the state of the team at the moment, each of us should give the other a chance.

I would like to focus on the project and present my vision of the work process, being open to your suggestions and comments on what you have not liked so far.

First of all, despite the short time we have worked together, I believe that each of you is a professional who is competent in his field. I will always be at your disposal if you need questions, clarifications, or advice, but I do not intend to burden your work with unnecessary supervision and advice, because I see that everyone could do their job.

After getting acquainted with all the information about the project and communication with the client, I see that one of the main obstacles is the deadlines. I suggest to the next operative each working group present a report and analysis of its work to be discussed and to give proposals for a certain deadline for finalizing the product. I also suggest that suggestions be made about what would help the pace of work. I have initiated communication with the client and I intend to present to them your reports and proposals for the continuation of the project, which I think will show them that the project is developing and previous obstacles were by the organization and not by employees.

I am open to all of you and I invite you again to be open to me because I believe that in time I will defend my words, which I made today as a promise to you.

The certified professional talks about Project Management

Project management is an incredible opportunity not only for managers but for everyone in the business community.

By understanding its basics, we can more easily see the meaning and responsibility of individual tasks. For most, business management is a complex unit, which at first glance seems very intertwined. De facto business management is a complex process consisting of many small ones. By looking at and understanding its units, it is much easier to realize the meaning of the whole as a whole.

As part of the business environment and in particular, in the management departments, I have accompanied projects from start to finish. My motivation to study project management is driven by the detail of the program you offer and the thorough consideration of the individual stages. Dividing it into specific small parts gives a visual idea of ​​exactly how things are going.

Determination and the ability to decide under pressure, as well as the ability to work in several places at once, are qualities that have always helped me. And in project management, controlling and reviewing synchronized tasks is central.

One of the possible obstacles is related to the interpersonal qualities of the individual. A person with a character accustomed to perceiving faster tends to expect such adaptation from others. When this is not the case, a certain conflict can arise.

To avoid such obstacles, the project participants must know both their professional qualities and personal pros and cons. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of individuals predisposes to the correct distribution of tasks. This in turn prevents wasting time, which also costs unnecessary resources. And to comply with the clearly defined deadlines, it is necessary to explain the consequences of delays and delays in the project.

And the result, which is the delivery of a high-quality project, can be achieved when each participant understands and realizes his task and takes responsibility for its implementation.

Each successful large-scale project consists of thousands of small successful projects.

I have several years of experience in the field of project management before I received my certificate. I am aware of all standard processes and protocols. If necessary, you can get acquainted with my professional information from my LinkedIn account.

After getting acquainted with the profile of your organization and the goals and mission set by you, I think that our views on the work and implementation of projects are covered.

I have read all the information provided by you in connection with the product you requested. I would like to share that your concept is very well sustained and has the potential for very good results, which the team and I will strive to achieve.

For me, the main driving force of a project is good communication between the parties.

Attached I send you a schedule for the opportunity to hold a meeting between us and please indicate which will be most convenient for you. The main topic I would like to discuss will be what vision you have for your product. The team is open to any requirements, and we will present our initial report and analysis in connection with the process of work and realization of the product.


The certified project manager is responsible for the workshops

Our meetings will be attended by part of the team that will work on the realization of your product. This is our Program Manager James Lee and some of our specialists. I will send you a list of the whole team, and if necessary it will be updated for your information. For your part, please send us a list of people you would like to attend.

I would also suggest that we hold weekly meetings so that we can provide you with information on the progress of the project and, if necessary, make timely changes and adjustments. In case of impossibility, you will be sent detailed reports regarding the work.

Outside of these meetings, you can contact me if necessary for any questions, either by email or on my work phone number, described below in the email.

For us, the main priority is the realization of the project according to your vision and at the same time in the best success.


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